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When you think home security, you probably think elaborate alarm systems with trip lasers and rapid response units. However, home security ranges from advanced alarms systems to making sure your windows are properly secured. Here are some basic home security essentials, many of which can be implemented as a D.I.Y. job.  Continue Reading »

A lot of attention has been paid to agricultural crime, but don’t forget your home security. In some cases farmers, like many others, believe it won’t happen to them. “My parents never locked their doors when they went out and we’ve never had a problem,” they might say. But unfortunately times are changing. Farmhouses can often be empty in the day, and this is when most burglaries occur.  Continue Reading »

The majority of households were found to have more than one of the home security measures asked about1. As shown in Figure 3.3, three-quarters (75%) of households had at least ‘basic security’, including 61 per cent of households that had ‘enhanced security’ (see above for definitions of different security levels). Table 3.1, which is presented later in this section, gives an indication of the proportions of households with each individual security measure that also have further security measures in place. Continue Reading »