Locksmith Services

Why do I need it?

Everyone needs a locksmith at some stage. Maybe you've simply locked yourself out of your home or perhaps you've been unfortunate enough to have had a break-in and need to change the locks...We can help! Also if you need to get copies of keys for new staff at the office or you need to install a proper secure safe for important business documents we can advise, supply and install what you need.

At Select's showroom in Goytre, near Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, we sell locks, keys, chains, padlocks and safes. This includes heavy-duty padlocks and chains for industrial or commercial businesses. We can supply these for your property or business wherever you are in the country.

Safes & Locks

We stock a huge range of safes and locks in our showroom. We stock everything from small wall safes to £10,000 cash safes.

Why not pop in to see the range we have on offer. We'll make you a coffee and advise you on what's best for your business or home.
Locksmith Services

Keys & Chains

​We offer a range of keys and chains at our Goytre showroom - from keys for domestic properties to chains and heavy-duty padlocks for industrial or commercial premises.

Pop in to see our range of keys and chains - or get a key cut here on site as we have our own key-cutting machines.

If you want extra peace of mind you can use our Select key blank which can only be copied here (if it was ever lost or stolen a copy could not be made elsewhere).

What does Select offer?

We are available to advise you on the best safes, locks, chains, keys and padlocks for your business or domestic property. We can come and fit locks, chains and safes at your property. Either discuss this when you pop in or give us a call on 01873 811443. Don't forget we can also advise you on any other security needs you may have.
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Stay secure with our safes, locks, keys, chains & padlocks

We are experienced at installing all types of security systems from wireless intruder alarms to wall safes and heavy-duty padlocks and more.