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Protect your staff, members of the public and visitors

State-of-the-art technology provides safety and security at your school, hospital, office, warehouse or other public sector institution. Find out how we can help.


If you run a school, hospital, office, warehouse or even a visitor attraction you need to protect your staff and visitors from risk - including fire and the risk of intruders. Select can help with these systems:

  • Fire detection
  • Access control
  • Automatic gates & barriers
  • Flood & C02 alarms
  • Emergency & traditional lighting systems
  • Intruder detection systems
  • Equipment tracker systems

We've done our homework...Select is an approved educational contractor, specialising in high-end CCTV school security systems designed to work within Data Protection Act guidelines to protect pupils, staff and school property.

We've thought of everything...Select also designs and installs its own bespoke dinner bell and evacuation systems. Please get in touch with us about this and any of our other systems, we'll be happy to help.

Public Sector & Educational Security

Did You Know?

Schools and other public sector businesses can protect valuable assets and property with our security tracker systems.